12 October 2012

I Never Use Drugs, Says Malaysian Student

YOGYAKARTA: The Malaysian student arrested by the Indonesian police for possession of cannabis here last Friday said he was not a smoker and had never used drugs in his life.

Instead, the 22-year-old medical student said he had fallen victim to an offer made through a chat site on the Internet.

On the day of the incident, he said he had just held the package containing the cannabis for a mere five minutes and had yet to open the package when he was arrested by the police.

“I just want to know what cannabis is. I am not a smoker and I have never used drugs in my life,” the student told a media conference at the Sleman district police headquarters here on Wednesday.

Several police officers, who were with the student during the media conference, also believed that the student was a good person and was not involved in any drug problems.

However, the Indonesian police had to continue investigating the case as the student was arrested with 68.93gm of cannabis, which were considered enough to make 50 sticks of cigarettes.

The student said he was curious about the drug and was tempted by the offer to purchase the cannabis through the popular MIRC chat room without thinking of the consequences.

He also said that he did not know the dealer because after making payment through an automated teller machine, he received an SMS telling him to collect the package at a specific location in Jalan Kaliurang.

The student said he rode his motorcycle to the location and found the package, but was arrested almost immediately after he picked it up.

According to the Indonesian law, the student can be detained up to four months pending investigation or prosecution. – Bernama

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